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News of the World Phone Hacking List in Full

The NotW Phone Hacking list in full: Richard Branson Philip Green Keith Vaz George Galloway Alan Sugar Richard Desmond Simon Ainslie Max Clifford Alistair Campbell Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown Nicholas Serota Sandy Nairn Nick Faldo Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney’s Mum Charlie … Continue reading

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Holy Mouse Ears, and the predictive formula from September 11th terror

In the south of Germany there is a city called Darmstadt.  This translates as Intestine-Town.  They practice Daughter Decay, in Darmstadt, deducing from it the discovery of the element, Darmstadtium (Intestine-Townium),  which for a short time was named Ununnilium.   … Continue reading

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In Berlin at the moment, have been for six weeks save a dip out to Edinburgh for a week and a film making trip to the Polish border.  So much going on.  In the last week a lot of friends … Continue reading

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