Naked Moose Rider

Ant sends me a photo from Oslo, Moose Rider.  


I think: What is going on here?  Then a moment later, it comes to me…

“What I like to do when I get really, you know, down, is to go over to the woods surrounding Oslo and find Graham.  He’s this guy I know who hangs around naked; he’s got quite a good body actually.  I often wonder what he’s doing out there… perhaps he’s a poet or something.  So, yeah, I get to his copse and give a roar and Graham flits out from behind a tree (he knows what I like by now), he does a funny little dance and I hop over to him, grunt, and flip him up in the air with my antlers.  He does all these gymnastic poses I suppose, I mean it’s quite hard to see, but he’s really working it up there as his sweat goes into my eyes sometimes.  It gives me such a strange and lovely feeling to have this man breakdancing in my horns, not least because the vibrations of his exertion massage my aching head and raise my spirits again.  After a while Graham says something, flops down to the forest floor, and puts his hand on my snout.  Perhaps there is sweat in his eyes too as they are red and watery.  Gingerly he puts his forehead to my nose, I usually snort supportively at this point, and a moment later he is gone.”

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