Poplar TV

Back from Berlin into an Olympic London, via Olympic Weymouth.  It looks great on TV, but somehow in the excluded flesh it’s a brash reminder of several kinds of  iniquity.  I tried to enter the olympic park without a ticket.  If you’re interested in experiencing a heady mix of paranoia and power trip I recommend trying.


Bill Aitchison is actively dealing with his anti-olympic issues by producing a report each day for Poplar TV, a reference to the town he was evicted from to make way for a resort in which to house London’s homeless during the games.  I’ve been helping him out here and there.


Visit the page, like it and support what is at the moment the only alternative TV station covering the games.  If it’s not, I’d really like to know so get in touch!


Here’s a few, and there’s loads more on the channel.  Well done Bill for getting one out each day.

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