Big on the continent

Recently Maddy Costa, theatre writer from the Guardian, and Jake Orr, founder of A Younger Theatre started a project they call Dialogue which hopes to better organise and understand the relationship between theatre makers and those that write about it.  They had been based at BAC during september and finished their residency with an afternoon’s structured conversation.  It was actually quite a frustrating afternoon, not least because I realised that critics see a ton more theatre and performance than I and probably other makers do, so from a position of reduced information it was difficult to engage.  Truthfully, I was a bit bitter that the writers in the room seldom write about the work I make, or worse, that I’m not making enough work for writers to critically engage with.  I had said I wanted critics to help find an audience for the work, or if not, then to propose a way in to artists and work that is unusual.  I think it’s helpful to have some text alongside documentation of the event, preferably not written by the artist.  Yeah, moan moan moan.

As I was leaving I saw a friend from Soho Theatre’s press department.  She told me she’d seen an article about me and my work in a German theatre magazine.  I was confused about this having never performed in Germany, at least not in any way that could be recognised.  Later she sent me the article.  I found that my bitter complaint in the Dialogue session had been somewhat answered.  It made me feel a hell of a lot better!  So here it is, including the rather clunky front page.

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